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Treasures Rattan trunk


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Our Baby Trunk Size can be used as a beautiful Glory Box to keepsake your baby's most special objects... Create their story, think ankle bracelets from hospital, your baby journal of their first year, special photos, first onesies, hand me down clothing, first toys and everything you want to treasure. No more shoebox in the back of the cupboard!

Our larger Mama rattan trunks are great for housing your child's array of soft toys, books, puzzles, boardgames and other larger items!

  • This simplistic chic design suits a mature design aesthetic so will last your child from toddler through to teen!
  • Gorgeous in their bedroom, playroom or even the living room
  • Lightweight and easy to move around the house

Baby Trunk Dimensions

60cm Long, 40cm High, 40cm Deep

Mama Trunk Dimensions

80cm Long, 50cm High, 50cm Deep.

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