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Byron Bay Escapades Playgym

Pre-order Mid July 2022!
Bonus offer! During the month of July, receive a FREE Shell Playmat with purchase of playgym!
Escape to Byron Bay Baby!
Give your baby a tiny holiday to Byron right in your living room with our Rattan Baby playgym...
* Byron's iconic Lighthouse, dolphins, glorious palms and beautiful beaches inspired this design
* These natural colours will look gorgeous in your living room and baby nursery
* The palms, lighthouse and dolphin contain little bells that tinkle when your baby touches them
* Our handmade rattan baby playbar is stylish and a wonderful alternative to the plastic variety you see on the market
* Rattan is sturdy and strong and won't break / bend - it will last through multiple babies
* A beautiful hand me down baby toy for your family
We've designed our Rattan Playgyms with flexibility in mind... Each Handmade crochet toy comes on a flexible rattan ring which can be removed and re-attached to the playgym.
Option 1 includes your very own choice of 3 crochet animals
Option 2 includes 5 crochet toys
Option 3 comes with 5 toys & our matching Shell Baby Mat
Option 4 comes with 3 crochet toys & 2 hanging macrame toys which have bells inside the rattan balls
Our Byron toy characters are hand crocheted by our artisans in soft cotton...
* Cape Byron Lighthouse
* Summer Starfish
* Darcy Dolphin
* Princess Palm

    Product Dimensions

    46cm High x 64cm Long x 37cm Wide

    Adult Supervision Recommended

    Note that we advise adult supervision during baby playtime. Our crochet animals have been designed with babies in mind with no buttons or removable chokables attached, but if animals start to show signs of threadbare then we recommend you remove from our playgym & discontinue use.

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