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Aussie Playgym Crochet Toys Only

    Our Aussie Animal Playgym toys are now for individual sale on Rattan rings, allowing you the flexibility to add to your own playgym. 
    Each Aussie Character is hand crocheted by our artisans and comes with a tiny bell inside so that the animals will tinkle for your baby when he/she touches them. The height of each animal is adjustable by wrapping the crochet string around the ring - use high toys when baby is young to lie underneath, then lower for tummy time when baby is older so they can reach and stretch to grab the animals.

    Meet Our Aussie animals:
    * Cleo Cockatoo
    * Paulie Platypus
    * Penelope Possum
    * Koko Koala
    * Gabbi Galah
    You can feel good about your purchase from Raja Homewares. We encourage thoughtful consumption, with each of our homewares pieces individually crafted by hand (no mass manufacture here!) Each playgym toy is lovingly hand crocheted by our talented artisans in Indonesia and all purchases support them & their families (a world away from throw away plastic toys!)

    Product Dimensions

    Each crochet animal is approx 12cm in height.

    Adult Supervision Recommended

    Note that we advise adult supervision during baby playtime. Our crochet animals have been designed with babies in mind with no buttons or removable chokables attached, but if animals start to show signs of threadbare then we recommend you remove from our playgym & discontinue use.

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