Raja Homewares

Change Time Basket Set - Minty


Our shallow baskets make Change Time easy! Their open design means nappies, swaddles, wipes, lotions and potions will all be within easy reach.

Set Includes 3 Baskets.

Once your baby is out of nappies they can be re-purposed for storing toys, books and other bits & bobs for your little one.

Other Uses:

  •  Open shelf storage in your baby or child's room
  •  Guest bathroom styling of little hand towels, soaps and candles
  •  Laundry benchtop styling of towels / soaps / handbrushes
  •  Coffee table styling for housing magazines & showcasing other collected treasures

Product Dimensions

Small - 12cm high, 35cm diameter

Medium - 15cm high, 37cm diameter

Large - 18cm high, 40cm diameter

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