Rattan wall decor is a popular trend in interior design, and it's not just for living rooms and bedrooms anymore. With its natural and organic feel, rattan wall decor can bring warmth and texture to your baby's nursery. From boho to rustic, there are many ways to style your nursery with rattan wall decor. In this article, we will share some ideas to help you incorporate rattan wall decor in your baby's room.

Rattan Wall Decor Ideas for Nursery

  1. Large Rattan Wall Decor: If you have a big wall in your nursery, you can make a statement with a large rattan wall decor piece. It could be a woven rattan tapestry or a rattan wall art sculpture in the shape of an animal or plant.

  2. Flower Rattan Wall Decor: Flowers are a great way to add a feminine touch to your nursery. You can find rattan flower wall decor in different sizes and colors to match your nursery's color palette.

  3. Rattan Basket Wall Decor: Rattan baskets can be used as wall decor and storage at the same time. You can use them to store baby essentials such as diapers, toys, and blankets.

  4. Rattan Palm Tree Wall Decor: A rattan palm tree wall decor is a perfect way to add a tropical touch to your nursery. It could be a woven wall hanging or a rattan palm tree sculpture.

  5. Rattan Leaf Wall Decor: Rattan leaf wall decor is a popular option for a boho-inspired nursery. You can find them in different shapes and sizes and create a jungle-inspired theme in your baby's room.

  6. Rattan Animal Wall Decor: Rattan animal wall decor is a fun way to add a playful touch to your nursery. You can find them in different animals such as elephants, giraffes, and lions.

  7. Rattan Fan Wall Decor: Rattan fan wall decor is a unique and eye-catching piece that can add texture and dimension to your nursery.

  8. Rattan Heart Wall Decor: A rattan heart wall decor is a sweet and charming addition to your nursery. It's perfect for a shabby chic or rustic-themed nursery.

  9. Rattan Mirrors: Rattan Mirrors are a whimsical and playful piece that can add a touch of magic to your nursery.

  10. Flat Rattan Wall Art: If you want a subtle and understated rattan wall decor, you can opt for flat rattan wall art. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be easily hung on your nursery wall.

Where to Buy Rattan Wall Decor in Australia?

If you are looking to buy rattan wall decor in Australia, you can find a full range here at Raja Homewares...we're they are all hand made by our Artisans over in Bali.

In conclusion, rattan wall decor is a versatile and stylish option for your baby's nursery. Whether you are going for a boho, rustic, or tropical theme, you can find a rattan wall decor piece that suits your style. With these ideas, you can create a warm and inviting nursery that your baby will love.

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